Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio.

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The peninsula Cedar Point now stands was used for artillery during the Civil War then in 1870 was turned into a beer garden with bathhouses and a playground. In 1902 the park got it's first coaster "The Racer". The hotel "Breakers" was built in 1905 where it stands today. Other restaurant and hotels soon followed. In 1929 other rides were added. In the 60's more rides were added and a pay one price system was added. Blue Streak, the parks oldest coaster was added in 1964. The park now holds the record at 17 rollercoasters, also, some of the tallest and fastest. Cedar Point is regarded as the best amusement park in the world. Prices
Gate Online
Adult  $46.99 $46.99
Child/ Senior  $21.00 $21.00
Season Passes
Season Pass $106
Junior Season Pass $69
Platinum Pass $165 Free Parking


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