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I must say that the original is the best. Out of all the Disney parks, Disneyland still reigns  king of all the Magic Kingdoms. Disneyland is the ultimate family destination. You can never really have a bad time at Disneyland. No matter how much the Disney Co. tries to screw it up, it's still the best. There is so much to do and so much to see, that even a seasoned pro can't do it all in one day. Disneyland brings out the child in everyone.


Adults 10yrs.+ General admission 1 day 1 park


Child under 10yrs.General admission 1 day 1 park


Premium annual Passport  (no blackout dates, free parking)


See official website for many other package options.


Tips and tricks

Get a photo pass and keep it handy. See & buy all photos online. Never, ever, buy a 1 day park hopper!!!!
There really isn't an "off season" any more, go during week when school is in session. Do your research. Don't bother with fast passes, unless it's really crowded & you don't think you'll be able to ride anything.
Never, ever, buy a 1 day park hopper!!!! Do Space Mountain first.
Honeymooners, visit guest relations first. Find  hidden Mickeys, it's fun.
Don't count on eating at the Blue Bayou unless you've made reservations. Preferably a day before.

Smokers, you're not going to like the few and far between smoking areas, and they constantly move.

Take a moment and plan your day with your map and attraction schedule. The best place to see characters is the entrance to Tomorrowland on the right side, that's one place  where they enter and exit.

Park Information

Official website: http://disneyland.disney.go.com

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