Disney's California Adventure

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I am definitely not a fan of California Adventure. I firmly believe it never should have been built. Disney should have just expanded Disneyland. The site where California Adventure sits was once the parking lot. It was nice parking right in front of the park. So, I guess what I'm saying is that Ca. Adventure was more fun as a parking lot. A recent poll was taken and it seems that the failure is that people don't have an emotional bond with the park like Disneyland. I agree completely. Not to mention the fact it only has three good attractions.


Adults 10yrs.+ General admission 1 day 1 park


Child under 10yrs.General admission 1 day 1 park


Premium annual Passport  (no blackout dates, free parking)


See official website for many other package options.


Tips and tricks

Get a photo pass and keep it handy. See & buy all photos online. Never, ever, buy a 1 day park hopper!!!!
Go anytime, It's never crowded. Don't bother with fast passes, unless it's really crowded & you don't think you'll be able to ride anything.
See The Aladdin show! Do Soaring first
Honeymooners, visit guest relations first. Find  hidden Mickeys, it's fun.
Take a moment and plan your day with your map and attraction schedule.

Smokers, you're not going to like the few and far between smoking areas, and they constantly move.

Park Information

Official website: http://disneyland.disney.go.com

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