Geauga Lake

Aurora, Ohio


Please Help save This beautiful piece of history.

Geauga Lake, A family destination for generations, has been condemned by it's owner Cedar Fair. Almost a 120 years brought to a quick close, without warning to anyone. No final season, no goodbye bash, no last hurrah. Cedar Fair Just shut the gates on the park for the last time. Only the water park will remain open for 2008. Cedar Fair Has been removing rides from the park for quite some time. Now they are relocating all of the rides. What a horrible vision, to see your neighborhood park suddenly being dismantled. All this because a corporation can't figure out how to get maximum profit from an old park. Perhaps it's not that at all. Perhaps the plan all along, was to close the park. Maybe it was for the sole purpose of removing competition from Cedar Fair's flagship park, Cedar Point. Only Cedar Fair knows the real motivation. But, why not sell it? Why demolish a piece of history? That is the question, we all should be asking.


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See a short film on why we should have saved Geauga Lake.

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