Six Flags Magic Mountain

New Construction

A lot of rides are scheduled for removal this year, along with some new rides coming in. I will  try to keep up with the progress. All of the ride photos on this page are either going up or  coming down. So, you may see a old favorite here and you might want to go say goodbye.

As new picture sets are added, they will be added to the bottom of the page to show progression. So, keep scrolling down.


Flashback is finally gone!

Sierra Twist is still standing.

Spin out is still there. But, not for long.

Ahh, my beloved Freefall. Deconstruction has started. The shame.

Can you guess what's going here?

Yup, Thomas is coming to town, er, he is the town?

This had better be temporary.

As you can see, they almost took out the whole thing!

The Vet's office looks like it's still in use.

Thrill shot is open again. Probably because of shortness of rides.

This shot was taken in Oct. '07 of the former Psyclone site.

This same shot was taken Jan. 21st '08. What are they doing? anyone?

They have started painting X, in certain spots.

A shot over the fence of T town. Nothing yet.



The bottom of the I-5 sign was re-painted. (gift shop still empty)

"California" was removed, why? Is "Magic Mountain" going there? Please!

Speaking of paint, "GR" got some. Kodak sign missing.

Thomas got a new sign on the temporary wall.
One month and no progress on "T" town. Déjà vu, not just at it's usual non-op status, but, the area is closed.
X is totally re-painted. (sorry, it was really dark & rainy that day) It's not black and red. It's red and dark grey.
Circus wheel, was the first casualty. What a big ugly hole. You can see straight through to Johnny Rockets.
and vise versa. Sierra twist still stands!
Jet Stream getting some Love? Or, some hate? (re-roof?)
The lift belt was removed. So was the water.
There's the boats, On the Psyclone site. I bet they forget to fix 'em. Spin Out, still there.
This was the gate to Freefall. It's gone!
General Observations

A lot of improvements are going on right now, besides the loss of some cool rides. New paint, new signs and some extra detail are making the park look sharp.

With Psyclone now gone, the "Psyclone Bay" themed area seems to be losing it's nautical theming little by little. It looks like it may return to it's former "Spillikin Corners" theme. That could just be wishful thinking, but the Ghost Town thing works better than a seaside village without any water nearby.


It's really gone!  


Gold Rusher sign complete, looks nice. Jet Stream running again.
Sierra Twist is now gone. See photo above for comparison. Still the back wall remains
Spinout is now gone! This is where Circus Wheel was. A basketball court?
Thomas Town, little progress. The Psyclone site is now a bone yard for retired ride cars.
I guess the "Super hero Breakfast" didn't do so well. Another "Johnny Rockets" is going in. WTF???  Internet access? Are you going to bring your laptop to Six Flags? Dumb, dumb.
A better photo of X2 Spring Break "Guitar Hero" Competition.

General Observations

With the removal of the old rides, Six Flags has taken a page from the Disney playbook, When it comes to wasted space. An empty space generates no profit and is scenically unpleasant. A defunct ride that is maintained on the outside looks far better than a gaping hole. I would rather they wait to pull out rides after they had a plan for the space. Magic Mountain has enough space to fill without adding more gaps.